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Yooo! Rwanda Foundation

  We are with you

Our mission is to help Rwandan families, single parents, youth and the disabled by fostering a community of support, encouragement and enrichment through education and training in the arts, vocations and agriculture. Rwandans have decided to be one voice together and we are here to help them stay the course.  Please help us continue our mission and donate. 

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Our Community Movement

Empowering the Community

Founded in 2023, Yooo! Rwanda Foundation is dedicated to the people of Rwanda and their incredible collective spirit. To help those in need, to encourage and incentivize community engagement  and cooperation and to fulfill the promise of lifting up those who feel they have nowhere to turn. 

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Fists in Solidarity

Our Movement

What We Do

YOOO! Is a phrase used in Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda, to express compassion and sympathy.  YOOO! RWANDA FOUNDATION(YRF)   understands the many challenges affecting the Rwandan people and has decided to focus initially on Kayonza district in Rwinkwavu, as well as other areas in the district of  Kayonza. This is where we will begin implementing our initiatives and where we hope to build our community center.  

The Disabled: In Rwanda, the people with disabilities are oftentimes excluded from some social services. YRF will train disabled people so that they can find work that they can perform, earn an income and help them with their daily life, whether it is organizing transportation or helping to create positive and supportive social interactions within the community.

Women & Mothers : Widows of the genocide have been confronted with many difficulties associated with poverty due to their loss of the primary bread winner and raising their children while trying to work. These women need help with child care, training to learn profitable skills and support from the community. Once these young mothers realize they have support from our organization our hope is that they will go on to be more self sufficient, proud and more confident.

 Due to extreme poverty, many children are malnourished which is a key to developmental delay found in many Rwandan Children.


                     THEMATIC AREAS

  • Women Empowerment

  • Child protection

  • Nutrition

  • Community development

  • Youth empowerment

Where you come in: 
In these agrarian communities, the average family lives off the land and cannot afford basic services. 
• A donation of $5.00 can provide government subsidized healthcare for 1 year for an individual • A donation of $2.00 can provide a meal for a child at school who may have to walk many kilometers just to get an education


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Asking the right Questions

Learning through collaboration 

We aim to partner with organizations that we can learn from and those that will support us in our efforts to add Yooo! Rwanda Foundation to the list of successful humanitarian organizations operating in Rwanda. 
We are actively engaging ministries and organizations in Rwanda that we can partner to better serve the community: HDI (Health Development Initiative) •Gender Monitoring Office Rwanda(GMO),•National Childhood Development Agency(NCDA) •The Ministry of Gender and Family promotion(MIGEPROF


Health Insurance 

Public Health and Wellness

We know that a vibrant community is a healthy one and we put our money where our mouth is by providing health insurance (Mutuelle de Santé) vouchers for those who cannot afford it. So far this year we have made good on our commitment by paying for 600 individuals!

$5 can provide healthcare for one year!

Vocational training 

Every individual has a purpose and every individual deserves a chance 

With proper hands on training in carpentry, gardening, irrigation, machining, masonry, sewing and textile fabrication, Yooo! Rwanda Foundation will ensure that everyone in the community has a profession that will help them to achieve their goals, pursue their interests and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.


Agrovet activities: Agricultural training, livestock like chickens and cows to avoid malnutrition and support the community commencing with poor and vulnerable families.

Artistic training: Our training program will establish a vocational training center that provides high quality technical education and training in the areas of 

Made in Rwanda Fashion and Textile Designing 

Dress Designing Tailoring, knitting, and handcrafts including Masks, Imigongo, Paintings, locally made Post cards, 

Artwork made from backcloth, Bags, Tablemats, Tie-dye textiles, Batik production.

‘’YOOO! Rwanda Foundation aims to supply the necessary support structures for mothers and young people to enable them to find their own way that is both rewarding and fulfilling. Our strategy aims at building and strengthening hands-on skills and creating a favorable environment that enables disadvantaged Rwandans to identify their strengths, talents and potential and turn them into business opportunities.

Take Action

We realize we have some ambitious goals so we are starting with initiatives to introduce ourselves to the community. 
Currently we are raising funds to provide nutritional meals for children at school. $2.00  provides a balanced breakfast including fruit and eggs. 
In addition we want to strengthen and encourage public health by providing government subsidized healthcare for individuals in the community. $3.00 will cover one individual for one year! 
With a little we can influence a lot! 

Fists in Solidarity

Engage Yourself

Help Us Succeed

Planning a Fundraiser

Be Part of Something Great

Organizing an Event

Your Help is Truly Appreciated


Be a Force for Good

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In the News


August, 2023

Meet Justin Nshimiyimana We met Justin in Kigali in December of 2022. He is a tourism student at university in Kigali. Justin is an amazing young man with a gentle heart and a rough past. He lost his mother during the genocide and went to live with family in musanze district, where volcanoes national park is located. Justin’s upbringing and his extensive knowledge of the history, flora and fauna of Rwanda drove him to start a business in tourism. He was such an amazing guide during our time in Rwanda and we saw how hard he had to work, sometimes skipping meals to afford his books and school fees. We were so inspired by Justin’s drive and wonderful nature that now we are proud to announce that Justin’s school has been paid in full by Yooo! Rwanda Foundation. 
With one semester left to go, Justin’s tourism business has been steadily growing. We are so happy to help Justin but we know there are many more men and women just like Justin who need a hand, and we look forward to offering ours. Thank you to those who donated to make Justin’s dreams a reality. 

Thousands Attend Yooo! Rwanda Foundation Rally

January 1, 2025

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